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Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort

6225 North Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365

Just like you, we've been to many campgrounds and resorts, but also just like you, we've been less than happy with the internet connectivity when on the road.

Therefore, we've taken on additional expense to make sure that our site has the state of art access of the internet for our guests.  You will find that the internet access on our site, is as good or better than you have at your home or your business.  It is rated at speeds up to 60Mbs, and allows for streaming video content like Netflix, or Amazon.  If you have Xfinity from Comcast, you can use the Xfinity TV Go app on your smart phone, or laptop to stream the same TV programs as you watch at home.  We use the phone to HDMI cable to connect our phone to the TV to watch our programming while at Pacific Shores.

The Pacific Shores Resort does offer wifi, but it's widely known that  in order to get reliable connections, you'll have to go to either the clubhouse, or registration office.  And even with those connections, the speed of the connection is only 1/2 Mbps.  Not good enough for streaming video, but adequate for email.

Our experience is that unreliable wifi is the "state of the art" among most RV Parks and resorts.  Certainly none will guarantee your own dedicated, personal hi-speed wifi as we do.  And, its as easy to access as your home wifi system.  Just select our "hotspot" by its name - "Lot53" or "Lot53_5G" and, when prompted, enter the password we give you prior to your visit.  The phrases we use are easy to remember because they are common conversational jargon, rather than being a series of letters and numbers unrelated to each other.

After paying your amenities fee for your stay, we'll provide the password to you, and its up to you how you share that password when you visit.  We will change the password often so as to safeguard our guest's experiences.

If you're hooked on internet content or have teenagers who are, then there is no other location at the resort with better internet service and in fact, we doubt there are any at all which provide the same service.

From time to time if you feel the connection has slowed down, then you can "reset it" much the way you'd do on your router at home, and that is by disconnecting power, waiting approximately 15 seconds then turning the power back on.  To turn on/off power, look in the site electrical box for the RED breaker.  This breaker controls the power to the router.  Slide it to the Right, wait 15 Seconds, the slide it back to the Left.  It will take approximately 1 minute or so for the router to reset and again start broadcasting a wifi signal.  This breaker also provides power for the cable TV tuner so cable TV will not be available during this reset.

Start the process of booking our site - just send your inquiry to the email address below.


Contact Email:  lot53@quickreckoning.com

Your Hosts:  Mike and Margaret Groves Portland, Oregon