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Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort

6225 North Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365

A resort wide analog tv cable system allows you simply to attach your coach's exterior coax TV cable to a TV Box on our site.  After that you'll have 60 channels or so of cable TV in standard definition.  You can tune those channels using your TV tuner.

Connecting your TV Cable to Lot 53 Cable TV Box

The Lot 53 Cable TV Box is one of two large outdoor electronics boxes on our site.  It is either positioned in front of the electrical pedestal (as viewed from the street) or behind it (as shown below).

The box facing your RV or facing towards the front of your RV is the Cable TV Box, and can be identified because it is the only one that has a cable connection coming out of its side (cannot be seen in this image - it is on the other side of the Cable TV Box).  This connector may have a black rubber grommet on it for protection, so just unscrew it counterclockwise or pull it off.  Please remember to replace the grommet before you leave.  Now run the TV cable from your RV to this connector and HAND TIGHTEN ONLY your cable to this connection (DO NOT USE A WRENCH - JUST YOUR FINGERS).  

Once you've attached your cable to this box you can use your TV tuner to select approximately 60 channels of standard definition TV - NO HDTV.


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