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Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort

6225 North Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365

When connecting your 50 amp or 30 amp shoreline to the utility box, be careful to first turn the breakers off for the 50 amp circuit.  The box will look almost like this (see below) -

In this picture, a coach is plugged into the 50 amp receptacle.  The 30 amp receptacle is to the right of the orange power cord.  This orange power cord powers the cable tv box and your hi-speed internet connection.  It should not be unplugged.  The adaptor pictured plugged into the 110V supply will not be plugged in, so the 30amp service will be easily accessible.

***WARNING - it is always a good idea to check the 50 amp/30 amp receptacle BEFORE plugging in your coach. There are many websites which tell you how to do this so here are a couple of links. ***

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hmuUBWKwGo (video)  

http://www.myrv.us/electric/Pg/testing.htm (text)

Before plugging into 50 amps, make sure the 50 amp breaker is turned off  (see above picture where the breaker is shown in the top left area of the photograph.   Also in the photo the 110V supply breaker is the RED breaker switch.  Since this switch controls the Cable TV and Internet access, leave it alone.  If you use the 30 amp receptacle, then you must turn on the black breaker located below the RED breaker switch which is already on.

Before you unplug you should turn off these breakers before removing your plugs.  Make sure you turn off the 50 amp and the BLACK breaker below the red breaker before you unplug, and leave them that way.

You'll notice some duct tape beneath the 50 amp breaker which covers another breaker.  Leave this breaker on, as it controls the lot's welcome light and light/receptacle at the rear of the lot.  If for some reason you do not want these lights on and do not want to use the 110V supply at the rear of the site, then you can turn this breaker off.  However, please turn it back on before you leave.


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